About the training program:In order to facilitate active employees to learn to improve their qualifications according
to the resource development plan, the company will carry out training allowances for a number
of qualified and effective employees. Specifically, employees in the training planning area will
be entitled to participate in training courses on professional skills such as: Management, Technology,
Technology, foreign languages ​​… suitable to the tasks being undertaken or follow the plan of advancement
of employees of the company Training forms can be domestic and foreign. The subsidy level covers part or all of the tuition and other
expenses in the course of training, accommodation, travel according to each course plan and specific circumstances. Regarding insurance regime:The company and employees are jointly responsible for implementing the provisions of the Labor Law and Social Insurance Law
on social insurance (social insurance), health insurance (health insurance), and unemployment insurance (unemployment insurance).For some special job positions or for employees with 5 years or more working years, employees with good achievements in the year,
the Company may approve to implement some other forms of insurance. Such as 24/24 accident insurance to show the Company’s remuneration for employees.  Marriage allowance: The employee himself: 5,000,000 VND / case if the report is spacious on everyone and invites the company’s staff. If both husband and wife are employees of the Company, each employee is entitled to one allowance. Mourning allowance: The biological parents, the spouse’s parents, the children of the dead employees, the wife or husband of the dead employee: VND 2,000,000 / case. Employees themselves die: minimum VND 10,000,000 / case depending on the position of work.